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The Office of General Counsel (OGC) provides the campus community with guidance for development and negotiation of contracts. A contract is any agreement intended to create a University obligation. OGC attorneys represent all legal interests of Boise State University.

Contracts reviewed by the Office of General Counsel (OGC) include contracts for procurement of goods and services, real estate contracts, service contracts, affiliation agreements, cooperative agreements, construction contracts, software licenses, hardware and software purchases, click agreements, intellectual property contracts, international agreements and, memorandums of understanding (MOU).  OGC review may include advice on privacy and data security; review and negotiation of contracts; development of contract templates; and advice regarding procurement matters, contract disputes and other contract matters.

All University contracts are subject to state law requirements and University policies and procedures governing their administration and are subject to review by OGC.

Only University officials that have specifically delegated authority from the VPFA may sign contracts obligating the University. Signature authority is specifically delegated by the VPFA in accordance with the Contract Policy and policies of State Board of Education (SBOE). University officials cannot execute contracts without express written approval from the VPFA. These delegations are limited to specific University contract types and dollar amounts.

Signing a University Contract without authority may:

  • Render the entire agreement void.
  • May subject the signer to civil and/or criminal liability.
  • May result in disciplinary actions, up to and including termination.

Materials presented are for general informational purposes only and do not constitute legal advice from the Office of General Counsel. An attorney should be consulted regarding the specific facts and circumstances associated with any legal matter.