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Many simple contracts can be accommodated on the University’s standard forms listed below without submitting the contract to the Office of General Counsel’s (OGC) for review.  The forms are to be used for goods or services; such as for consultants, contractors, service work, performers, speakers, or artists as noted for each form below.  There are contracts that require legal review and University’s forms cannot be used.   See exceptions.

University Approved Forms:

  • Contract for Services Form in PDF form. Use for consultants, contractors, special service, etc. and work is being done on campus.
  • Local Engagement Agreement Form. Use for speakers, artists, and performers or anyone who is performing, the event is advertised, or merchandise is being sold.
  • Department Templates. Forms created specifically for your Department drafted by OGC.

When Does a university Contract Not Require Office of General Counsel Review?

The following conditions must be satisfied in order to use one of the University’s standard form without requiring OGC review:

  • When the contract is prepared on the Contract for Services form or on the Local Engagement Agreement form.
  • No changes have been made to the form and/or no documentation has been attached to the form.
  • The term of the contract is less than one year.
  • The amount of the contract is within the department’s signing authority.
  • Independent contractor status has been verified by Accounts Payable.
  • Have you received approval from other departments if applicable? Such as OIT or Risk Management.
  • Authorized Unit exemptions: if your unit has a specific exemption from routing your contract for review.

If you cannot meet all of the conditions listed above, please submit the contract to OGC for review through the contract routing process.

Forms/agreements presented to you by outside vendors are sometimes problematic. Typically, these forms have been drafted to provide maximum protection to the vendor, with little or no protection for Boise State. Moreover, they frequently contain provisions (i.e., certain insurance, indemnification, choice of law, jurisdiction, and venue provisions, among others) which the University as a state entity cannot agree or adhere to. Before agreeing to another vendor/party’s form agreement, please forward the agreement to OGC for review.