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Submit Contract for Review


Read the contract before submitting it to the Office of General Counsel (OGC) for review.  The department/unit is responsible for making sure all terms and conditions in the contract are clear, accurate, and meet your business needs.

All Contracts must comply with University policies and state and federal laws whether the contract is an expense contract (the University is paying money), revenue contract (the University is receiving money) or a zero dollar contract (no money is exchanged but there are other obligations).

If a University Contract is exempt from legal review, it is the signer’s responsibility to ensure compliance. Only a University official with delegated signature authority may sign a contract.  Signing a contract without authority may render the entire agreement void, may subject the signer to personal liability for any obligations to the other party(ies), and may result in disciplinary action, up to and including termination.

See checklist to determine whether or not to submit the contract/agreement to the Office of General Counsel for review.

Questions / Comments: If you need assistance or are having problems submitting the FREVVO Contract Routing Form contact the help desk (208) 426-4357 or

If you are ready to submit the contract to the Office of General Counsel for review click on the link below.  Please use your Boise State credentials to sign in.